hot stuff

Hot stuff are perfect as ramen extras. They also taste great with rice (one portion 3 zł)

Gyoza dumplings
Pan-fried dumplings with ginger, sesame oil, soy
sauce and sprinkled with green onion.
With marinated pork
20 zł
With vegetables and rice noodles
18 zł

Tempura mussels
Fried tempura mussels with mix of spices (8 pieces).
19 zł

Vege tempura
Tempura pumpkin, red onion, oyster mushrooms,
seasonal vegetables with fresh ginger light soy sauce.
24 zł

Tempura squids
Fried tempura squid rings with mix of spices.
18 zł

Fried tofu
Urara style fried tofu x4, with homemade
sweet-sour sauce.
15 zł

Tori Katsu chicken
Japanese style chicken chop filled with cheese.
19 zł

Tonkatsu pork
Japanese style pork chop filled with cheese (optional)
19 zł

Tempura shrimps
Two tempura king prawns, 2 pumpkin, 2 sweet potatoand 1 onion with fresh ginger light soy sauce.
28 zł